USA +1
06.10.2020 12:28
In middle of night keep calling
24.09.2020 20:28
Calls no message
29.07.2020 14:42
At 430am get a call. Its a crying man. Scared my wife to death
16.07.2020 20:00
My spam filter intercepted these scammers. They have tried to call in the past. Glad to see these types of people being identified for the nuisance that they are.
04.07.2020 15:14
One cool dude!
15.06.2020 22:28
Her name was Janie and she says shes collecting a debt from QVC. I contacted QVC and I do not have an outstanding balance on the automated acct. Info. Live reps are not available due to COVID-19. I paid off my acct back in 2/2020. This woman claims she just received this debt a week ago. She also did not know if I had a q card or if it was easy pay and she kept asking me if it was secrony bank? So it makes no sense to me and I never answered her. Also when I tried to call her back, the receptionist has the same soft mysterious voice that Janie has. She said she will have to call me back. I will not give them any info until Its validated that I have a debt. So far many many flags
11.05.2020 06:28
This guy keeps bothering...
12.04.2020 21:14
01.04.2020 23:42
No message. Lost soles looking to burden their fellow man. May God provide peace for their minds as they spend an eternity in hell
20.03.2020 04:56
Number is for Teen Care, Hawaii Youth Services. Mistakenly dialed my number.
12.03.2020 05:56
caller unknown and has not responded when my phone is answered several times, and two to three dozen calls have been received at the above given number plus three other numbers related sequentially
28.02.2020 06:28
Spam per my ID blocker, they had music playing on my voicemail. And every few seconds someone would come on and then hang up..tied up my voicemail for 3 minutes.
15.02.2020 08:56
06.02.2020 23:28
Gang involvement death treats
30.01.2020 05:00
Called claiming to be American Express. Said they needed to talk to me about my account. Said I had a credit. Well I closed over a year ago so I know there is not a credit on the account. Nice try but no dice
23.01.2020 23:14
Call was disconnected as I answered it.
23.01.2020 01:28
claims to be social security admin. automated call with computer voice
21.01.2020 19:42
State oldest grandson was in car wreck need to call attorney John Reed at this number
25.11.2019 09:42
Looks like scam
18.11.2019 22:56
Unknown phone number. Called no voicemail left.